5 basic properties of a luxury villa

Many properties claim to be luxurious to attract customers. When you decide to buy or rent a luxury villa, it ‘s hard to choose a location, a good dealer and find out whether the villa truly has the sense of ‘luxury’ in it or not. Let’s find out what a ‘luxury villa’ is.

1. Features and amenities


A luxury villa must have a swimming pool, spacious living area, beautifully furnished dining area, modern kitchen, and in-house staff. All the rooms must be designed with attention to detail. The property must be equipped with everything that is expected of modern living, like internet access, entertainment system, etc. If you are looking for high-end villas, then these properties have a dedicated cinema room, games room, spa and Jacuzzi facilities, personal gym, fully equipped office for business and kid’s area including basketball courts, tennis, etc.

2. Services


A luxury villa must have a qualified and dedicated staff to run the facilities. There must be maids, housekeepers, handymen, chef, landscapers and a villa manager who will attend to individual needs. Some luxury villas may have spa therapists, fitness trainers, and more. Special arrangements can be made on demand; for example, cooking class, golf course, etc. You can get a personal guide to help you move around the place.

3. Design


The overall design of the villa must be unique. It’s architecture, interior design; landscaping, furnishings, etc. must create a different impression. There will be great details to all the designs. Furnishings and other products of superior quality must be there. The material of the flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc. must be at the high end.

4. Location


The majority of the guests look for quiet locations where they can rest comfortably without the city noise. Favorite destinations are near beaches and coastlines. Villas with ocean view or mountain view are popular. Many people like to be surrounded by greenery.

5. Maintenance


The standards of maintenance of villas must be top class. It takes energy, commitment and funds to maintain a luxury villa. The villa must be well maintained so that it is always in good shape. You must have professional cleaners to clean the villa every day. The gardens must be kept clean. The pool water must frequently be changed.

All these features should be present in a luxury villa. When you book a villa for your vacation, make sure you have all these features. There are many villas with excellent designs in the top tourist spots in the world. Consider location, amenities, and budget before renting a luxury villa for your holiday.